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#1203 3x5.10 Northern Chinese rug, Peking, hand knotted wool, c.1930, soft peach, ivory, Prussian blue, and navy, two life like butterflies and the symbol for long life, mint condition with a lush pile, larger photo $975.00
#11462 2.6x4.10 Peking rug, hand knotted wool, China, 1st Qtr 20thC, medium blue with bamboo border, tan, beige, light rose, navy, a fan in the center is the emblem of the Chief god of the eight immortals 'Chung-Li Ch'uan', simple yet powerful imagery, near mint condition, larger photo $1200.00
#12903 22"x14" Chinese wooden pony saddle, carved wood enhanced with red paint, stingray skin, and inlaid mother of pearl, metal rings for securing the saddle to the horse, acquired in Shanxi Province which shares a boarder with inner Mongolia, 19thC, very good condition, larger photos $995.00
#1009 23"x32" Tibetan horse saddle cover, Tibet, ca. late 19thC, hand knotted wool pile edged in red fabric, the two pieces are connected by a striped warp face kilim, the field is golden tan, and the border is coral mandarin orange, the border designs are religious symbols, very good condition, larger photo $750.00
#7404 1.9x2.8 Khotan saddle bag face, hand knotted wool, Xinjiang Province, Chinese Turkestan, early 20thC, an indigo coffered gul on a pale sage field, borders in shades of French blue, coral-rose, and brown, very good condition, similar to #7405, but in two parts, rare, larger photo


#4866 24"x37" Ningxia rug, hand knotted wool, 3 ply handspun cotton warps, ivory wool wefts, Western China, ca. mid 19thC, an attractive golden mustard with shades of ivory and blue, call for condition report, larger photo $450.00
#3141 3.11x4.8 A Western Chinese Pillar carpet of unusual size, hand knotted wool, China, 1st Qtr 20thC, construction most resembles Ningxia, but not quite, a lifelike orange/gold Tiger stands against a dark blue background, light blues, yellow, and rose accent colors, good pile with original selvages and end finishes, near mint condition, larger photo $1800.00 wpe5.jpg (9699 bytes)
#5287 2.8x4.10 Western Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, China, 3rd QTR 20thC, a little rug with very powerful religious symbolism, the pink and blue yin and yang surrounded by the eight trigrams on a blue field with a crossed Vajra design in ivory and gold, comments and larger photos $450.00 wpe1F.jpg (7452 bytes)
#4365 5x2.7 BaoTou rug, hand knotted wool, China, mid 20thC, Peach Pictorial with a crane flanked by two deer, shades of blue, ivory, and army green, woven sideways, near mint condition, larger photo $550.00
#02715 2.8x4.9 Ningxia Province hand knotted wool Western China 1st Qtr 19th C apricot field call about condition, larger photo $1200.00
#10-4011 3.2x5.9 Peking rug, hand knotted wool, Northern China c.1900, silver khaki field with a bright blue border, border decorated with flags, tea pots, and vases of flowers, near mint condition, larger photo $950.00 wpe18.jpg (7303 bytes)
#5481 3.1x5.9 Antique Peking rug, hand knotted wool, China, c.1910, slate grey or putty, sometimes with a slight green cast, earthy peach border, medium blue, navy, and pale pink-rose, a phoenix medallion, very good condition, larger photo $1100.00
#1916 4.1x5.9 Antique Peking rug, hand knotted wool that looks like silk, Northern China c.1900, great condition, small area of slight wear, deep blue-black field color, ivory border, larger photo $1400.00 wpe24.jpg (5452 bytes)
#8950 2x3.10 Antique Peking rug, hand knotted wool, China, ca.1910, beige with a silver cast and blues, some faded khaki, there are two flowers in the field, they are done so that from a distance they appear to be butterflies in flight, worn low but still a strong rug, larger photo $295.00
#3822 1.11x4 Antique Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, c.1920, unusual prickly wool quality and selvages that are overcast with blue wool make giving an attribution for this piece difficult, I suspect a more southern province than I normally see, slight wear, larger photo $350.00 wpe18.jpg (6759 bytes)
10-11972 2.1x2.5 Mongolian?, probably mid 19thC, This interesting rug has been reduced in size and professionally rewoven, it has a good pile and interesting design, this piece has structural features associated with early Chinese rugs, structural comments and larger photo $895.00 wpe5.jpg (10927 bytes)
10-9838 2.5x4.6 Tibetan frog print rug, wool warp and weft, 19thC?, wear to center but not as noticeable in person, minor guard border missing at one end, larger photo $875.00 wpe5.jpg (6664 bytes)
#106869 3x5.1 Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, new production from China, very good weave and silky wool, navy blue with a peach border, mint condition, larger photo $450.00
#1014 2x4 Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, West China, ca.1980's, shades of blue and ivory with a small amount of Chinese red and yellow, the design is called frog foot print, not so very old, but very nice work, larger photo $195.00
#1012 2.4x5.9 Chinese Suiyuan rug, hand knotted wool, China, ca.1980's, several shades of blue,  the crane, deer, and cypress tree are all symbols of longevity, not so very old, but very nice work, near mint condition, larger photo $475.00
#1024 2x3 Silk Chinese rug, hand knotted silk, Western China, ca.1980's, medium blue with a pale yellow-gold border, some rose-coral accents, not so very old, but very nice work, near mint condition, larger photo $275.00
#3341 2.7x4.10 Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, China, recent production, three cranes on a tan field, light blue, indigo, yellow, ivory, apricot, and navy, mint condition, larger photo $395.00
#3347 2.8x4.8 Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, China, last quarter 20thC, golden yellow with the 8 Buddhist symbols, near mint condition $395.00
#3342 2.7x4.10 Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, recent production, navy interlocking T design on yellow-gold field, Greek key border in shades of blue and ivory, near mint condition, larger photo $395.00
#6430 8"x10" Chinese child's festival hat in the form of a dragon, worn by children while parading through street festivals, silk and metal, early 20thC, bug-eyes and fishy whiskers with a small tail on the back, the first part of the word qiu is embroidered on the forehead, "ball games" or "sphere", a double meaning... children at play, but also, the dragon is often shown chasing the flaming sphere, very good condition, larger photos $285.00
#MAO 24"x26" Miao baby carrier, Miao peoples, China, late 19thC - early 20thC, hand woven silk on a cotton foundation, very fine silk embroidery,  general good condition for a textile that has been used, larger photos $495.00
#8870 15"x15"


Chinese roundel, silk embroidery on silk, China, early 20thC, a subdued village scene, 12"x12" unframed, generally in good condition, larger photos $145.00
#12856 10.5"x10.5" Chinese collar, hand embroidered silk, China, 1st half 20thC, very good condition, larger photo $98.00
#12857 11"x11" Chinese collar, hand embroidered silk and couching with metal threads, China, 1st qtr 20thC, very good condition, larger photo $125.00
#2146 4 1/2" Chinese child's festival shoes, China, 20thC vintage, googoly eyes on red, and tinkling bells, very good condition $49.00
#1132 21" tall Indonesian Wayang Golek (rod puppet) from Java, hand carved wood, the head turns and arms move, used to tell Hindu heroic tales in the puppet theatre, 20thC vintage, some dings from use, but general good condition, this character is Batara Kresna - King of Dwarawati, and the wisest man on earth, he is the incarnation of Wisnu, the god charged with bringing peace on earth, his elaborate bird headdress with golden crown represents the god Garuda Jatayu, king of birds and chariot of Wisnu, Wisnu would ride on the back of this half man, half bird warrior, and together they were quite the crime fighting team $110.00
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