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Tribal Turkoman Rugs (Turkmen rugs) and Central Asian

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#1624 3.6x2.6 Yomud chuval, hand knotted wool, early 20thC, colorful with blue, blue-green, and apricot, great skirt with rams heads, very good condition, larger photos $1100.00
#1623 3.6x2.3 Yomud chuval, hand knotted wool, 3rd QTR 19thC, very fine, some wear to edges, but general good condition with a soft supple handle, the last row of minor guls look zoomorphic, see the detail photo, larger photos $1400.00
#10-MAR 34"x12" Tekke mafrash, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, ca.1900, the height with the tassels is 28", very fine single weft weave with a knot count of 13Hx26V or 338 KPSI, very good condition, larger photos $550.00
#9934 31"x10" Tekke mafrash with bird's feet talismans, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, early 20thC, the height with the tassels is, attached to two of the thicker tassels are desiccated bird's feet, perhaps as a talisman for a good hunt, near mint condition with braded strap, larger photos $550.00
#3228 47" x 65" Tekke ensi, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, mid 19thC, curling leaf design in the central panel, the rich saturated colors of the skirt are more like an Arabachi, selvages not original, small amount of ends missing top and bottom, one crease repair to lower right corner edge, otherwise low even pile with no major problems, larger photos POR
#6155 4.3x5.6 Tekke Ensi, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, 19thC, not as busy as some we see, at the base of the trees in the corner is what looks like an animal and tree design, with two bird figures flanking the base of the tree, this is probably just the top of two serrated leaves, however still an interesting design, the bottom third contains a magenta color, this is a fine multi ply wool thread that resembles the multi ply cherry red color we see in Salor pieces, this is also a color I see in early 19thC Kashmir shawls, the edge has been bulked up with three columns of symmetrical knots, some wear and restoration, larger photos POR
#1714 3.7x5.1 Small Tekke rug, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, 3rd qtr 19thC, a very colorful example and pleasing to the eye, very supple and fine with a silky wool that we call belly wool, some restoration but complete, larger photos $1400.00
#6154 3.7x4 Small Tekke rug, hand knotted wool, Turkmenistan, last Qtr 19thC, well made with high quality wool, has a great handle, minor dings but general good condition, a good solid rug that can be used without worry, larger photos $1200.00
#7243 1.2x3.10 Ersari/Beshir wedding trapping, hand knotted wool, Central Asia, 19thC, coral red, ivory, light yellow, black, and grey-green, some wear, selvages missing, some original end finish top and bottom, larger photo $650.00
#8802 2.9x3.3 Tekke wedding rug, hand knotted wool, wear to center and some edge gone, late 19thC, larger photo $795.00 wpe5.jpg (12697 bytes)
#11451 16"x7" Tekke mafrash, a single wefted piece, exceptionally fine wool and weave with 420 knots per square inch, near mint condition, early 20thC, larger photo $595.00
#4928 15"x8" Very Small Tekke mafrash,  hand knotted wool, early 20thC, this cute little piece is in good condition with a plain weave back, larger photo $495.00


#4929 17"x11" Very small Yomud mafrash, hand knotted wool, early 20thC, good condition, some people call these little jewels vanity bags, larger photo $495.00
#9980 2.6x1.10 Yomud Chuval, flat woven wool, 19thC?, Aubergine bands on a yellowish camel ground, long braided cords for hanging, repaired hole as seen in photo, plain weave back, larger photo $550.00
#GTS 15"x14" Yomud fragment, a very finely woven bag face with goats running across the top, 19thC, larger photos $300.00
#02717 1.9x2 Central Asian horse Saddle, Uzbek?, hand knotted wool, early 20thC, the slit in the top center is for the horn of the saddle, general good condition, larger photo $600.00
#8928 12"x26' Turkoman flatwoven tent band, hand woven wool, warp-faced weave appears finished on both sides, blue glass beads woven into ends to ward off bad luck, larger photo $360.00 wpe23.jpg (7703 bytes)
#02782 4.4x5.9 Ersari carpet, early 20thC, small areas of wear, red and navy with soft green accents, very nice end finish, larger photo $1200.00



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